homemade ready meals

We are passionate about our ready meals.

Handcrafted and flavorful meals ready to take home and enjoy.

it's pretty special really!!

 Homemade Meals

 Beefy Bolognaise  D G

 Chicken and Chick pea Curry  D G

 Chilli Con Carne  D G

 Creamy Chicken & Ham Casserole


 Macaroni Cheese  V

 Macaroni cheese with  Sundried tomatoes and Chilli V

 Moroccan Chicken Tagine D G

 Spicy Beany Stew  V D G

 Veggi Curry  V D G

 Veggi Lasagne  V

 Veggi Nutty roast  V D


Pea and Ham Soup  D G

Tomato & Lentil Soup V D G

Salads, Pates...

Antipasti  V D G

Chicken Liver Pate  G

Hummus  V D


Sticky Lemon Pudding V

Chocolate Pudding  V

V – Vegetarian   D – Dairy Free   G – Gluten Free

Vegetyable Curry 2.jpg