Foodie Feedback

Feedback from our lovely and loyal customers !

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Becky C

'Thank you for your help with Friday's christening party! Everyone thought the food was delicious and the quantities were just right - some left over for us to enjoy another day but not much!'

Susan W

'Macaroni cheese, I used to feel ill at the very words. A feeling of nausea would come over me.
Not any more, now I am a true convert since trying the one from the Cedar Farm Shop. Absolutely delicious. The dish is very well balanced in flavour and consistency.'

Kathryn H

'The finest chicken-liver pate I have ever eaten! This with the walnut bread. I have dreams about it.'

Sam W

'A fantastic gem of a place! Great choice of foods, great service. Many times as a family we have been to Centre Parcs and taken a selection of lasagne, chilli con carne, pasta bakes to see us through the week away. The gift hampers are beautifully put together as well.'

Carmel H

'Mushroom Soup - just had the most delicious mushroom soup thankyou'


'yes i love the food shop at the farm.
whenever i go, its the couscous im looking for...there is one special one which i could not get when i visited last.but the one i got was good too..i also loved the special rock salt i got.
i wish it was a bit more accessible ..but then the good things in life are that bit harder to get ...and one has to work for it i guess..
 i must make a visit sooon.'


Food Glorious Food!!!!

'This was first time I had ever bought food from Cedar Farm and it certainly will not be the last!
 The Chilli Con Carne was wonderful, just delicious. Next on my list was the Chocolate sponge pudding, which for any self respecting chocaholic, was simply yummy. I will return again soon......'

Susan W

'We go to Cedar Farm several times a year and we always come back with lots of products from the food shop which we all things is excellent. Although some may say a little pricey. We feel you have to pay for quality such as this. Everything we have ever had has been good quality. Just that little bit special. Somethings you can't buy in the supermarket or corner shop. Especially good for vegetarian and gluten-free products. Long may you continue. The whole set up is excellent.'


'Lasagne - The lasagne is GORGEOUS. I always buy some when I go to Cedar Farm.'

Kathryn Hyde - July 22, 2011